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Portrait of Alberto Barile

Alberto Barile

Drone Pilot and Engineer

I have worked as a surveyor for about 10 years. Over the years, in addition to working in the traditional areas of geomatics, I have specialized in new survey methods and 3D surveys, as well as tracking, surveys, monitoring, etc. My daily life leads me to work with laser scanners and drones of different types. My experience spans different fronts, from civil engineering to construction, from the motorway to the railway, from small elevations of private houses to reliefs of entire buildings.

Melano, Switzerland
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Construction on the Railway

Mendrisio, Switzerland
Geomatica have many years expertise in using drones for high quality measurement and analysis of construction sites. Intergration with DroneLab also makes it easy to share updates with clients and the public.
  • Delair UX11
  • @5cm/pix
  • 53,000 x 40,000


Mount Generosa

Mount Generoso Railway

Ticino, Switzerland
This is the peak of the Mount Generoso railway, the highest railway in this region of Switzerland. The orthomosaic created by Geomatica allows one to appreciate the beauty of the station with the sheer cliffs falling off the side.
  • eBee
  • @4.5cm/pix