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DroneHub™ creates a powerful WiFi hotspot allowing multiple, secure connections for peripheral devices, at up to 100 metres (WiFi LAN).

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Dronehub product

DroneHub™ is rugged, small and very portable. It is geared to the requirements of busy professionals who require secure, reliable and resilient connectivity where communications are challenging.

  • Advanced high gain MiMo antennas for enhanced cellular connectivity.
  • A single modem router with 2 SIM slots and a maximum data rate of 100 Mbps.
  • Connections to the internet via cellular networks, or:
  • The proprietary TWL VPN using Omni-Hub.Net providing local or remote access to a range of
  • software servers, including TWL's Crossfire video management servers, with Apps to allow remote viewing via any Omni-Hub.Net connected device or via an IPSec link to TWL's central hub.
  • Built in GPS enables device tracking.
  • An 8 Ah lithium ion smart battery gives up to 12-hours operation.
  • In-car and mains chargers are supplied, which enable the unit to be charged in use.
  • A rugged polymer case available in a range of colours.

Developed by Tactical Wireless, this product has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of the commercial drone operator in the field, based on a wide range of possible operating and operational scenarios. In remote and poorly-connected areas, the 2 primary considerations are: what is the available connectivity and what is the requirement in terms of data handling? In all cases, the outcome is secure resilient communications where connectivity is weak and/or unreliable.

DroneHub™ has been designed to operate where connectivity is generally available but is unreliable by increasing communications resilience and enabling smart devices to operate more effectively. DroneHub™ has the following primary technical specifications:

  • Portable WiFi Hot Spot
  • Up to 100 m range
  • Built-in GPS
  • 3G, 4G, LTE
  • 2 SIM Provision
  • Up to 100 Mbps data rate
(Located in lid of case)
  • 2x cellular advanced MiMo
  • 1x WiFi
  • 1x GPS
  • Consumption: 12 Watts Max
  • Source: Rechargeable battery - 8Ah rating
  • Operating Time: Up to 12 hours
  • 3.0 Amp charge from mains.
  • 1.0 Amp bullet charger for vehicle (12v supply)
Connector Charger Input
Case Moulded Polymer
Dimensions (External) L363mm x W282mm x H120mm (L14.3" x W11.1" x H4.7")
Weight (Unpacked) 2.1 kgm / 4.63 lb
Operating Temperature -10 - 45 C / 14 - 113 F
Humidity Maximum 75% (non-condensing)
Certifications CE, UN38.3
Warranty 1 year limited warranty

DroneHub™ Key Info

Exterior Dimensions

259 x 201 x 114 mm (L 10.2" x W 7.9" x H 4.5")

Total Weight

2.1 kgms (4.6 lbs) Buy Now

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